Unlocking Talent partners

VSO and its partners are committed to transforming the quality of education in Malawi through a child-focused approach.

VSO Malawi

VSO takes the lead in the implementation of Unlocking Talent. They provide technical support and manage project governance, finance and compliance, as well as the construction of the oneclass buildings. VSO will recruit and deploy nine international experts (eight education specialists and a civil engineer) as volunteers to support project implementation. VSO is also responsible for the development of a teacher-training module that will be used to train pre- and in-service teachers, Teacher Training College (TTC) lecturers, and Primary School Education Advisors (PEAs).


onebillion provides the software to teach Malawian children the fundamental skills of literacy and numeracy. The software offers a real-time monitoring solution so teachers can keep track of each child’s progress. Onebillion also assists with solar power design and implementation and provides continuous technical support and guidance.


The Malawian Ministry of Education, Science and Technology fully endorses the Unlocking Talent project and ensures that it is well embedded and adopted at all levels of the education system, including:

  • Department of Teacher Education and Development (DTED)
  • Department of Inspection and Advisory Services (DIAS)
  • Department of Planning and Basic Education
  • Five Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs)
  • 63 primary schools and the Teacher Development Centres (TDCs) responsible for these schools

The Royal Norwegian Embassy

The Royal Norwegian Embassy signed a three-year NOK 29,800,000 agreement with VSO in 2014 and will equip 53 primary schools across different education districts in Malawi.

The Scottish Government

The Scottish Government will equip 10 primary schools in the Kasungu district with oneclasses.