the classroom of the future

oneclass learning centres are being installed in Malawian primary schools to deliver personalised learning to each child in their own language using iPad tablets. In a simple solar-powered classroom, the children learn at their own pace, using an engaging and carefully structured set of apps.

What is oneclass and how does it work?

  • oneclass is either a renovated classroom or a new sustainably-built classroom in a participating primary school.
  • Every Standard 1 & 2 child spends several sessions a week in their oneclass.
  • They are taken through a carefully structured set of onebillion apps to teach them maths. Reading and English courses are in development.
  • All of the apps are in Chichewa and cover the entire Standard 1 & 2 curricula.
  • Children learn at their own pace, and are rewarded every step of the way. They are guided by a virtual teacher character, who shows 'how to'.
  • Teachers at the school manage each oneclass. They help, guide and praise each child as they learn. They use their own dedicated tablet to help them.
  • Childrens' progress is monitored by a small low-power server. This sends realtime data over the internet, allowing key information to passed back to their teachers.
  • oneclass has been designed to be totally powered by a low-cost renewable solar energy system.
  • All of the children's tablets are recharged each night from solar storage batteries, which themselves are charged by a solar panel on the roof.